Thursday, 7 January 2010

.087-Thai Airways snacks.

Back in October of 2009, me and my parents together with a couple of family friends went on a trip to Thailand. We flew to Bangkok (BKK) with Thai Airways for one night and the following day, we left BKK for Chiangmai(CMI), also on a Thai Airways flight. With both flights being over an hour long, the one from Penang(PNG) to BKK being about 1 1/2hours and the BKK to CMI flight being about one hour, we were served some snacks on the plane.

On the PNG to BKK flight, we were served sandwiches, fruits, juice and water. Coffee/tea is optional.

We were served this on the BKK to CMI flight. Juice and a curry puff. No idea what's the thing in the packet.

We were served this on the way back to Penang from Bangkok.

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