Saturday, 26 December 2009

.084-TGI Friday's, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama.

We had to stop over in KL for one night before heading home to Penang. Driving home to Penang from Singapore will take at least 8 hours, and starting from Singapore at 3pm, we should be arriving in Penang at about 11-12pm. So, we decided to stay an extra night in KL. Stayed at One World Hotel in Bandar Utama. Since we were next to 1 Utama, we went there for dinner once we settled down into the room. My parents didn't want TGI Friday's, so it was only me and my brother.


Ice Lemon Tea.

Parmesan-crusted Chicken Quesadillas.

Fried Mac and Cheese.

French Onion Soup.

Forgot what this was.

Jack Daniel's Burger.

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