Tuesday, 22 December 2009

.078-Watami, ION Orchard, Singapore.

On the Sunday that we were in Singapore, a few of our relatives took me and my family out for lunch. We didn't go far, just walked a couple of blocks from the hotel down to ION Orchard, the new mall along Orchard Road, to have lunch at this restaurant. According to the leaflet menu that I have with me, the restaurant has the tagline, "Japanese Casual Restaurant". I think they serve more like Japanese 'fusion' food.

Hire Katsu Tamago Toji.

On the left is Hotate Butter Yaki and the one on the right is Corn Jaga Butter.

Mango Kiwi Splash.

Sukiyaki Nabe.

Ochazuke with eel.

Ishiyaki Bibimbap.

Potato Mochi.

Clockwise from top left; Irodori Aburi Hotate, Irodori Kaisen Salmon, Irodori Unagi.

Irodori Aburi Ebi.

Wafu Pizza.

Kani & Hotate Cream Croquette.

Ebi Tempura.

Softshell Crab Sushi Roll.

Choco Banana Parfait.

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