Saturday, 10 October 2009

.050-Coffee Terrace, Genting Hotel, Genting Highlands.

I'm not really going in-depth into the selection of food available at the buffet line for dinner, but rather to share with you what I ate at the buffet on the first night of our Genting Highland stay. The restaurant is called Coffee Terrace and it is located opposite The Bakery, which is in the lobby of Genting Hotel. It serves mostly buffet-style food (if you haven't guessed already).

This I remember fondly, was called Chinese Soup.

There's some rice with dhall curry, potato salad, pasta salad, cold ham, and some slices of fish.

There's some more fish, more ham, and some fried udon noodles.

Miso Soup.

Corn and Chocolate Ice-Cream.

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