Saturday, 10 October 2009

.048-Hongkie Kopitiam, E-Gate, Penang.

Yesterday, me and Fione hung out for a movie and then dinner. It was a confusing state for us as for where to eat. We originally wanted to eat German at Ingolf's at Hillside, but it had no tables. Then we moved to the new Sungai Pinang Food Court (SPFC), but there was no parking space there. We wanted to try another section of the SPFC where I could maybe park, but I was finding a U-Turn point back onto the highway and I drove until E-Gate when we decided to just eat there instead. We settled on Hongkie Kopitiam as it was cheap and the food wasn't that bad.

My Honey Lemon drink.

My Sweet & Sour Fried Fish Fillet Rice.

Fione's Pork Fillet Pineapple Cheese Rice.

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